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Here a sum up of features the car will be able to do.

Features status
Description Status Percent
Avoid hitting walls and obstacles It stops when the Ultrasonic Sensor detects an obstacle. 80%
Real time video stream Basic JPEG web based streaming 70%
Play music, make sounds and talk using the speaker Basic functionality done. Using python-game for sounds and pico-tts to read out loud (available in downloads). 75%
Full control of the car motricity and lights using a web browser Basic functionality done. Should adapt for mobile devices. 30%
Follow drawn roads It can follow a line on the floor. 30%
Follow a person using the GPS Basic GPS functions done. Functionality not. 20%
Identify traffic signals using the camera Very basic testing done with OpenCV SURF 10%
Automatic lighting using ambient light sensor, and turning signals Waiting for hardware. Photocell already reading values. 10%
Self update using an Internet connection Nothing done. 0%
Take videos and pictures and store them for downloading Nothing done. 0%
Demonstration drifting mode Made a testing function as a concept. 10%

If you found anything useful enough and you want to thank us for that, please consider donating to people who need it, like the NGO OXFAM. Thank you !


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danidin 4 years, 2 months ago

Com ho dus?

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Ivan 4 years, 2 months ago

Bé. Estic amb el prototip amb la Raspberry Pi 2 B i dues càmeres al final. Estic esperant més material (GPS, ultrasons) i cercant un esquelet de cotxe més professional.
El projecte s'anirà cap als 300 Eur al final ... :__

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