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Apart from the car, we will have a custom-made controller with standard direction and lightning buttons as well as a GPS module to enable following and "back to home" functions.


Controller components list
Qty. Name Description Price
1 ATMEGA328P-PU You can use a full Arduino like in the prototype
1 16Mhz crystal oscillator In case you don't use a full Arduino
2 22 pF capacitor For the crystal oscillator
1 1K. Ohm resistor
1 Nokia 5110 display 84x48 LCD White backlight display from ebay $ 4.28
1 Thumb 2-axis joystick Bought in Ebay $ 1
1 ON/OFF Slide switch
1 Thin Speaker Thin Speaker in bought Sparkfun. 0.90 Eur.
1 Polymer lithium battery 850mAh capacity battery from Sparkfun 9.42 Eur.
1 LiPoly charger Battery charger from Sparkfun
1 VK16E GMOUSE GPS Module Receiver Bought in Aliexpress 8.63 Eur.
1 RN-42 BlueTooth module
2 Push button Up, down and enter small buttons


I used an affordable RC Car as a base; requirements were a solid chasis, big enough to room the electronics, an ESC and a servo for turning. The first prototype used an under 10Eur RC car ... Feel free to chose any base (as your budged allows you). Mine is an LRP - LRP S10 Blast TC - Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, bought in a local store for 165Eur. Without the remote controller and radio the price is around 100Eur.

Car components list
Qty. Name Description Price
1 Raspberry Pi 2B Bought in Amazon 40 Eur.
1 LM2596S based regulator Bought in DealExtreme 1.67 Eur.
1 32 GB Kingston SDC10G2/32GB (class 10 UHS-I 45MB/s) Bought in Amazon 7.41 Eur.
1 Raspberry Pi Cam Module Bought in Amazon 27 Eur.
4 1Kohm resistor Used for the voltage dividers
4 2Kohm resistor
1 Logitech C920 webcam Bought in Amazon 80 Eur.
1 RTL8723BU WiFi & Bluetooth USB dongle with antenna Bought in Ebay $ 10.95
1 VK16E GMOUSE GPS Module Receiver Bought in Aliexpress 8.63 Eur.
3 Ultrasonic range finder Bought in Aliexpress 0.84 Eur.
1 Photocell
1 1uF capacitor, 16v. rated To read the photocell value
1 GoolRC 8 LED White/Red Color LED Light Set Bought in Ebay $ 4.14
1 PAM8403 digital amplifier board Bought in Ebay $ 0.75
1 2" 4Ohm 3Watt Full Range Speaker Bought in Ebay $ 2.29
1 Aluminum heatsinks for Raspberry Pi Bought in Ebay $ 0.71
1 Micro cooling fan 5v 20mm To put over the heatsink. In Ebay

Please note that some (or all) of the components could be found much cheaper in other (Chinese) shops; i put the ones i used just as a reference.

If you found anything useful enough and you want to thank us for that, please consider donating to people who need it, like the NGO OXFAM. Thank you !


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