MEAS - Motor Encoder As Servo

This project is about using the combination of a motor, a gear reduction, a servo and a microcontroller to create a custom intelligent servo that can be used in several aplications.

The main advantages versus a normal servo are:

  1. High precission: using two encoders to achieve 1400 pulses per revolution.
  2. Low cost: compared to high end servos with similar capabilities (Dynamixel servos, etc.)
  3. Open source, customizable and universal communication: by using the I2C protocol we ensure a wide variety of compatible boards (from microcontrollers like Arduino, Teensy, ESP8266, etc. to small computer boards like Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black, Linkit 7688, etc.)
  4. Less code: already available functions for PID controlling, autonomous synchronization between MEAS, etc.
  5. Less wiring: just 4 cables shared across all the devices. More than 100 (7 bit, 127) theoretically connected devices.