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MEAS - Motor Encoder As Servo

MEAS - Motor Encoder As Servo

This project is about using the combination of a motor, a gear reduction, a servo and a microcontroller to create a custom intelligent servo that can be used in several aplications.

The main advantages versus a normal servo are:

  1. High precission: using two encoders to achieve 1400 pulses per revolution.
  2. Low cost: compared to high end servos with similar capabilities (Dynamixel servos, etc.)
  3. Open source, customizable and universal communication: by using the I2C protocol we ensure a wide variety of compatible boards (from microcontrollers like Arduino, Teensy, ESP8266, etc. to small computer boards like Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black, Linkit 7688, etc.)
  4. Less code: already available functions for PID controlling, autonomous synchronization between MEAS, etc.
  5. Less wiring: just 4 cables shared across all the devices. More than 100 (7 bit, 127) theoretically connected devices.


If you found anything useful enough and you want to thank us for that, please consider donating to people who need it, like the NGO OXFAM. Thank you !


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