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Author: Jordi Guerrero.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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  • BeagleBone Black (didn't try but could be better and cheapear to use a Beaglebone Green)
  • USB Wifi Dongle. You can find a list of compatible dongles in Internet. My short list:
          - Logilink wl0084b. Link. Works on Beaglebone  Black in Beaglebone Green I had some problems, but now is working (sorry but I don't know what was the problem)

                - WIPI element14. Link

  • Regulator: 1 x Pololu 2119.
Motors and encoders:
  • Motors: 2 x Pololu 2204. I had a bad experience with this motors bought from ebay. In this case I recomend using reliable suppliers such as Exp Tech.
  • Motor Brackets: 1 x Pololu 1086, Pololu Micro Metal Gearmotor Bracket Pair.
  • Motor Driver: 1 x DRV8835 Dual Motor Driver Carrier.
  • Wheels: 1 x Pololu Wheel 32x7mm Pair.
  • Magnetic Encoders Pair Kit: 1 x Pololu 2598.
  • Resistors: 1 x 22k Ohms (for motor dirver), 4 x 100 Ohms (for encoders).
  • Ribbon cable. Link
  • Ribbon Crimp Connector - 6-pin (2x3, Female). Link
Note: Pay attention with the Micro Metal Gearmotor as there are quiet a lot of similar models. I wrote the manufacter part number to avoid mistakes (2204).
  • IR sensors: 5 x IR distance sensor, including cable (10cm-80cm) - Pololu GP2Y0A21YK0F.
  • Resistors: 5 x 1k Ohm and 5 x 470 Ohms (for IR sensors).
  • Capacitors: 5 x 10uF 16V Electrolytic Capacitor (for IR sensors).
  • 1 x Breadboard-friendly SPDT Slide Switch. Link
  • 40 Pin Break Away Headers - Straight (Black). Link


  • Eneloop: 6x AA batteries Ni-Mh, 1900 mAh.
  • Charger: I recomend Hama MH-C800S but it's expensive; you might use a cheaper battery charger.
  • Battery holder: 1 battery holder 4xAA wired + 1 battery holder 2xAA wired. Link1. Link2


  • BeagleBone Black transparent case with access to all GPIO connectors.
  • Stacking Header Set for Beagle Bone Capes (2x23). Link
  • Breadboard 400 (300/100). Link
  • Breadboard jumpers (0.6mm tinned solid copper core). Link


  • 3D models (1-Floor.stl and 2-Floor.stl). Link. PLA is better than ABS in slipping with bearing balls.
  • 4 Nylon Screw M3x6mm (PLA frame) + 5 Metal Screw M3x6mm (infrared sensors).
  • 5 Nylon Spacer M3x22mm.
  • 5 nuts M3. One of them has to be metallic.
  • 2 (12mm) G16 Hardened Carbon Steel Bearing Ball. Link


  • Multimeter: If you don't want to break your BBB, a multimeter is high recommended.
  • Oscilloscope. Not essential. But recommended if you want to test the quality of your sensor signals. You can find alternatives to hardware oscilloscopes like USB ones. I use the Analog Discovery; a great but expensive tool (around $200). 
  • IDC Crimp tool. Link

List of suppliers:

If you found anything useful enough and you want to thank us for that, please consider donating to people who need it, like the NGO OXFAM. Thank you !


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