2016-05-25 IvanAdded project __variables_ master
2016-02-23 IvanChange main switch from GND to VCC
2016-02-23 IvanChanging text to Prototype 2
2016-02-23 IvanAdded the ground plate, photocell and capacitor, a...
2016-02-23 IvanAdded .DS_Store to .gitignore
2016-02-23 IvanAdded gitignore
2016-02-14 IvanSupport for reading photocell values
2016-02-14 IvanChanging limits for the ESC
2016-02-14 Iván-Benjamín... Minor changes
2016-02-14 IvanReplace typos // -> #
2016-02-14 Iván-Benjamín... Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-02-14 Iván-Benjamín... Trying the demonstration mode. Also add an optional
2016-02-14 IvanAdded Tobor Shield Schematics
2016-02-14 IvanAdded Tobor-controller schematics
2016-02-13 Iván-Benjamín... Added debug time spent to compute match_images with...
2016-02-13 Iván-Benjamín... Append BSD license
2016-02-13 Ivan Garcia... Uncomment US
2016-02-12 IvanSending speed fix
2016-02-12 IvanSending speed to controller
2016-02-12 IvanMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-02-12 IvanMerging...
2016-02-12 Iván-Benjamín... Support for receiving speed and messages in Tobor Contr...
2016-02-11 Iván-Benjamín... Minor changes
2016-02-11 Iván-Benjamín... Some changes; commented prints for debug. Real shutdown...
2016-02-11 Iván-Benjamín... Change back MODES and reenable US thread
2016-02-10 Iván-Benjamín... Now using Bluetooth
2016-02-07 Iván-Benjamín... Remove WiFi related code. Now we use BlueTooth directly
2016-02-07 Iván-Benjamín... Uncomment return for testing purposes.
2016-02-07 Iván-Benjamín... Almost fully working with menus Nokia 5110 display...
2016-02-04 IvanRemove obsolete Arduino code for older Arduino tobor...
2016-01-31 Iván-Benjamín... Check and fix with
2016-01-31 Ivanus_thread uncommented
2016-01-31 IvanInitial support for SURF image detection
2016-01-27 IvanMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2016-01-31 Iván-Benjamín... Delete gps_functions.pyc compiled file
2016-01-27 IvanTesting SURF image identification
2016-01-27 IvanGPS tracking should work OK now
2016-01-27 IvanMore changes to GPS functions and main program loop
2016-01-27 IvanMore changes to STATUS_MODE
2016-01-27 IvanMore work on GPS tracking. Need to test it all !
2016-01-27 IvanInitial support for GPS tracking, etc.
2016-01-30 Iván-Benjamín... Added some variables to work with GPS following.
2016-01-30 Iván-Benjamín... GPS functions added
2016-01-27 IvanText to say input in web interface
2016-01-27 IvanSupport to read with pico tts
2016-01-27 IvanSupport for camera view in web browser
2016-01-27 IvanThreads for TCP server
2016-01-24 IvanLots of changes. Now using pigpio and RPI GPIO instead...
2016-01-23 IvanArduino code and more
2016-01-23 Iván-Benjamín... Preliminary version of the Arduino Controller code.
2016-01-23 IvanChanged UDP server with TCP server
2016-01-22 Iván-Benjamín... Sounds
2016-01-22 Iván-Benjamín... currentAngle -> STATUS_currentAngle variable renaming
2016-01-22 Iván-Benjamín... Support for audio. More code to maintain car status...
2016-01-22 IvanAdded arduino sketch Arduino/tobor.ino
2016-01-22 IvanInitial import