2017-02-09 IvanModified MEAS for Teensy LC -using Encoder.h library- master
2017-01-30 IvanLast changes to MEASe
2017-01-30 IvanUpdated MEAS. Working setLinkedDevice.
2017-01-27 IvanAdded blender file for basura car
2017-01-27 IvanLast changes
2017-01-27 IvanMore changes to MEAS. PID for everything but revs/s...
2017-01-26 IvanPID working (almost)
2017-01-26 IvanBasic implementation of 3 functions for MEAS. Tested...
2017-01-25 IvanAdded example master server for MEAS in Arduino
2017-01-25 IvansetSpeed working in MEAS (probably)
2017-01-25 IvanChanged MEAS encoder library. Now using loop() function...
2017-01-25 IvanCoded support for encoders. I2C and encoder reader...
2017-01-24 IvanAdded keywords.txt file for Arduino MEAS library
2017-01-24 IvanLast changes to functions for MEAS: getRevs,setRevs...
2017-01-24 IvanMoved schematics for MEAS and created initial commit...
2017-01-19 IvanAdded missing ground plane..
2017-01-18 IvanAdded portazero schematics
2017-01-17 IvanFixed schematics
2017-01-17 IvanLatest squematics for minirobotet
2017-01-16 IvanBetter routing of pin 38
2017-01-16 IvanFinished - without testing- PCB
2017-01-16 IvanInitial commit for robotet schematics
2016-09-25 Iván-Benjamín... Lots of changes to eflashcard-zero.
2016-09-25 Iván-Benjamín... Added eflashcard-zero DB sqlite3
2016-09-24 Iván-Benjamín... Added eflashcard-zero code
2016-09-21 IvanAdded check face module
2016-09-21 IvanAdded legs
2016-09-21 IvanInitial sketch for face of robot BOT
2016-09-20 IvanInitial FreeCAD Sketch for the EFlashcard-zero case.
2016-08-31 Iván-Benjamín... Fixed some errors in eflashcard-zero
2016-08-30 Iván-Benjamín... Initial vocabulary menu
2016-08-30 Iván-Benjamín... Added functions for card cathegories and more.
2016-08-29 Iván-Benjamín... Some comments added
2016-08-29 Iván-Benjamín... Added eflashcard for pi zero.
2016-07-22 IvanAdded testing files for eflashcard-linkit test web
2016-07-06 Iván-Benjamín... More testing
2016-07-06 Iván-Benjamín... More tests...hex..bytearray..
2016-07-06 Iván-Benjamín... Still no luck with SPI
2016-07-06 Iván-Benjamín... LM75 initial commit and more
2016-07-06 Iván-Benjamín... Compilling now
2016-07-06 Iván-Benjamín... Typo: SPI=mraa.Spi(0)
2016-07-06 Iván-Benjamín... Last updates. Not checked
2016-07-06 IvanFixed all GPIOs
2016-07-06 IvanChanging real GPIOs
2016-07-06 IvanFixed flash.py. Needs testing...
2016-07-06 IvanNow command2.py compiles
2016-07-04 IvanAdded test porting embeddedartists Arduino sketch to...
2016-06-28 IvanExperimental background module to check face
2016-06-28 IvanTesting resize image of face
2016-06-28 IvanSome changes to trainig save/restore. Added 20 minutos RSS
2016-06-27 Ivan GarciaChanged face recognition method to Eigen
2016-06-27 Ivan GarciaLittle change in notebook
2016-06-27 IvanMinor changes
2016-06-27 IvanMinor changes in face capture identification
2016-06-25 IvanSupport for initial face recognition
2016-06-25 IvanAdd missing learngame.py module file
2016-06-22 IvanInitial module for RSS reader
2016-06-20 IvanAdded a learning game and one example question/image
2016-06-17 Ivan GarciaFix tags
2016-06-17 IvanRemoved debugging time for inactivity
2016-06-17 IvanAsk for weather and read it accordingly
2016-06-17 IvanWaiting for key wakeup word can be now interrupted...
2016-06-16 IvanProperly end program.
2016-06-16 IvanAdded shutdown command. Added missing p.search(text...
2016-06-15 Ivan GarciaTypo in salute
2016-06-15 IvanAdded a simple joke telling module and database
2016-06-15 IvanUpdated quizzgame database
2016-06-14 IvanOnly one stt.init in main code
2016-06-14 IvanFixed regexp for quizzgames that always matched true...
2016-06-14 IvanShow recognized answer in quizzgame
2016-06-14 IvanAdded a new row in quizz sqlite for answers
2016-06-14 IvanLast changes to quizz... Should make a better random...
2016-06-14 IvanLast changes to quizz game
2016-06-14 IvanMore changes to quizz game
2016-06-14 IvanAdded a quizzgame module and database table QuizzGame
2016-06-14 IvanChanged main loop method
2016-06-14 IvanFixed bugs with picture module
2016-06-14 IvanChanged notification sound. Fixed notification function...
2016-06-13 IvanMore changes
2016-06-13 IvanAdded basic info to eflashcard prototype page
2016-06-13 IvanConcept index for eflashcard statistics web.
2016-06-10 IvanTesting ivona synthetizer using pyvona Python module
2016-06-08 IvanFixed a typo with soundType in functions and .decode...
2016-06-08 IvanSpecificat image streaming type for Chromecast functions
2016-06-08 IvanVariable settings.ETHERNET_DEV to set the external...
2016-06-08 IvanSupport for Chromecast
2016-06-08 IvanMove scripts, change params for mplayer, include settin...
2016-06-07 IvanAdded notification sounds and function
2016-06-07 IvanMaximize images in picture module, too. Global variable...
2016-06-07 IvanResize image displayed with colorkids module
2016-06-07 IvanAdded projector eyes
2016-06-06 IvanChanged image from gif to jpg. Updated module to show...
2016-06-06 IvanSample image to color. Peppa Pig
2016-06-06 IvanInitial commit for color drawings for kids module....
2016-06-06 IvanSelect best video format youtube script
2016-06-03 IvanUptodate
2016-06-03 IvanAdded keyword to ask time. More regexp for weather...
2016-06-03 IvanMore changes to wikipedia module
2016-06-03 IvanWikipedia module
2016-06-03 IvanMin time between gmail checks