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Youtube Flash and FreeBSD 10

Making Youtube Flash player work with FreeBSD 10 / 11-CURRENT and pipelight plugin

One of the few concerns about FreeBSD when trying to use it as a desktop is its support for common web browsing.

Unfortunately Adobe's Flash is still in use in many sites currently, and not all the videos in Youtube are available to be played with html5 video.

The frustration comes when one installs the pipelight plugin, which uses wine with the Windows version of the Flash plugin. When trying to play a Youtube video, it crashes. But there is hope. As root:

# cd /usr
# rm -fr src obj
# pkg install svnup
# svnup stable
# cd src
# echo "CFLAGS+=-mstackrealign" >> /etc/make.conf
# make build32
# make install32
# pkg install pipelight
# pipelight-plugin --update
# pipelight-plugin --create-mozilla-plugins
# pipelight-plugin --enable flash

Stop any browsers and run, as your non-root user:

$ find .mozilla -name pluginreg.dat # Delete the found file(s)

The problem should be solved now.


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