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A lot of work being done with Tobor...


These past weeks i'm doing a lot of work trying to finish a working prototype of my self-driving car, called Tobor.

I made a big step forward buying a 1/10 scale RC car (LRP - LRP S10 Blast TC - Porsche 911 GT3 Cup).

I'm currently designing a more or less final PCB for the car and working on the controller part - Arduino, WiFi module and GPS module-. So much fun with those.

Still a lot of hard work to make the GPS code work for following or going to coordinates. Also my little knowledge of OpenCV and computer vision in general is making it very hard to make it follow lines or the road in any scenario.

I'm also concerned about possible problems from using the WiPi wifi module with the Raspberry Pi 2, like connection lag, the range, etc. Will have to test it more. It's a real pitty that i abandoned the BeagleBone Black platform after destroying two boards in two days ( almost 100 Eur. gone ). They are so fragile.

Good night.

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